Volunteers Wanted for 2016 Rally

I Want to Volunteer

VOLUNTEERS, 2016 rally ottawa


We are looking for volunteers. Read further to see if you can help.


Organization Time Date Location
Indigenous Survivors of Child Welfare Rally 2016 Rally 12pm – 1pm

Feast & Social



April 29, 2016 Parliament Hill
St. Paul Church, 473 Cumberland Street



SOUND/AUDIO:  Setup sound system, microphones, transport audio system to and from venue (some experience needed) (Parliament Hill & St Paul’s Church 473 Cumberland)

TRANSPORTATION: Rides to and from venues for out of town folks or flks with accessibility needs

KITCHEN HELP/HALL SET UP: Helping the cook prepare food, serve food, clean up dishes, pots, pans, serving areas, set up chairs/tables

T SHIRT SALES/RAFFLE TABLE: sell T-shirts & Raffle tickets

RALLY MARSHALL’S :  information/directions, high visibility vests, peacekeepers /safety supports to keep rally safe

Register to help!

Follow this link to register on our volunteer list for the 2016 rally, feast and social!

Register HERE!


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