Historic victory for 60s scoop adoptees!

Quote from Dan Parlow 60’s Scoop adoptee and plaintiff in today’s class action decision:

“I’m pleased with the decision by Ontario Superior Court Justice Edward Belobaba regarding the class action suit today. It is an affirmation of what survivors have been saying for decades, that taking Indigenous children away from their communities has resulted in profound losses of culture, language, land and ultimately our identities as Indigenous Peoples. This is truly an historic moment and a move in the right direction of truth and reconciliation. However, we need to continue to be critical of child welfare policies and procedures regarding Indigenous children as this is still problematic in 2017. This current system continues to harm not only children, but their families, communities and Nations as well. The connection to culture, language, spirituality and the land is an critical component of our identities as Indigenous Peoples. My own healing process has stemmed from embracing these aspects which were denied to me. It has shaped my journey away from a life of crime towards a meaningful and cultually grounded life”

On behalf of the National Indigenous Survivors of Child Welfare Network (NISCWN) we would like to congratulate Marcia Brown, the Ontario 60’s scoop adoptees plaintiffs, and their hard-working legal team for their precedent setting victory today. We celebrate your victory across the country and await our day in court!!

Duane Morriseau-Beck, Colleen Hele-Cardinal, Elaine Kicknosway


We will post the decision of the Honourable Justice Edward Belobaba on the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Click here to read.

The media conference will be at 1:00 p.m. EST today and it will be live-streamed to https://livestream.com/accounts/9684327/events/7011060.

Thank you

Ontario Sixties Scoop Steering Committee

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